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Dear Neighbor:

As I think back to what our country looked like 20 years ago, I see some traditional strengths and values that we can utilize to help us build our future. The American Dream is escaping us as our freedoms are being challenged by run-away government interaction from the private sector and the classroom.

It is the business owner who knows how to create jobs and the teacher who knows how to develop a bright mind, not the government. When we leave the dollars in the private sector and the classroom, our business market creates the jobs, and our teachers develop the workforce.



I Believe in the American Dream

I pledge to you first of all that as your next State Representative, I will do everything in my power to help lead the way by making sure that Florida’s budget is balanced and by making sure that we are creating an environment for small businessmen and women to succeed.  Florida can be an example to Washington.

Second, I pledge to you that I will work to bring resources back home – not pork from Tallahassee or Washington – but real resources.  Every year, we send our hard earned money to Congress, only for them to turn around and give it back in community assistance programs that are tied up in red tape and bureaucracy.  We know better how to help our communities, and I want to be a part of the generation of leaders that transferred responsibility for the safety net from Washington back to the states and local governments.   We can help more people more responsibly and return our hard earned tax dollars back to our communities, but we’ve got to get Congress and the nameless, faceless federal agencies out of the way.


The Cortes Plan

                            for more Florida jobs and a world-class education system



Sponsor and Support Legislation that Ends Red Tape Bureaucracy: When business owners spend their time and money satisfying redundent government regulations, that leaves fewer resources for growing their business.

Streamline the Permitting Process:  A complex permitting process restricts the growth of new commerce. We must get creative, such as simplified permitting across city and county lines, so that business can open and grow.

Create Better Incentive Programs:  Entrepreneurs create jobs in places that are most inviting for them. We can make it easier to do business in our state by offering incentives based on employee growth and local investment.




Raise the Bar: By improving education with the goal of challenging our students  to learn, rather than lowering the standards, we will excel in education.

Spend the money in the Classroom: We  must continue to hire the best teachers and provide them with the tools and resources, including state of the art technology, to improve our schools.

Promote Vocational Education:   One  size-fits-all does not work for today’s young students. Some may want to pursue carpentry, plumbing, auto mechnics or a similar vocation. We should make sure that there is a curriculum which includes not only the vocational options but also teaches entrepreneurial skills to complement the vocation.


Finally, as a small businessman, I know what it takes to make a business work, and I love hiring people and helping other people find opportunities to begin creating wealth for their families and children.  Government does play a role in making sure that the economy works right.  We can keep our economy strong by making sure that businesses want to be in Florida.  As your next State Representative, I will work to create quality schools for every child so that we will have a strong workforce for our state.  I will work for a quality health care system that allows doctors and patients to make our health care decisions instead of federal agencies or Congressmen, and I will do everything in my power to keep taxes low so that small businesses and working families can keep more of what they earn.  If we do those three things, our existing businesses will create more jobs, and more companies and businessmen will want to make Florida their permanent home.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website, and I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail very soon!

Bob Cortes




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