Today, State Representative Bob Cortes made the following statement endorsing Fred Costello for Congress in Florida’s 6th congressional district:

“As a colleague, as a friend, and as a Puerto Rican American, I strongly support Fred Costello’s candidacy for Congress. Sadly, his primary opponent has made it clear he does not believe Puerto Ricans should be allowed to exercise their rights as American citizens.

“This is an outrage. No candidate for office in this great country should be so woefully ignorant of the Constitution and the rights it protects for American citizens. Electing a candidate like that is dangerous and would be a disservice, not just to the Puerto Rican Americans he would disenfranchise, but to all freedom-loving Americans.

“Thankfully, Fred Costello has made it clear that he holds the opposite view because he understands our Constitution and the rights it gives Puerto Ricans and all Americans, among them the right to register to vote and to move anywhere they please within the United States. I urge all District 6 voters to reject prejudice and ignorance and support Fred Costello.”