I'm Fighting For

More Jobs

No government program can ever equal the power of a good job. In Florida, we must continue to diversify our economy, making sure that the next generation has access to clean, high-wage jobs. We also must keep taxes low and regulations reasonable so that our small businesses have every chance to succeed without government interference.

Better Schools

A better education means a better job. I have a strong record on education, giving our parents more choices, our students more skills education, and our teachers the right kind of pay to reward them for their efforts.

Accessible Healthcare

Virginia and I had a son born with cerebral palsy. While he is no longer with us, our love for him and what he went through has inspired a passion for giving every Floridian access to quality healthcare. Life at every stage is precious. I will work to establish policies that attract more physicians to Florida and foster more nursing and tech support training programs. We must reverse the healthcare personnel shortage.

Safer Seniors

With two senior parents living in our home, I understand the need for protections from those who would take advantage of the elderly. Financial fraud, physical abuse, and consumer misinformation continue to create problems for our seniors. I will work hard to protect our seniors and keep them as safe as possible.

Confident Consumers

Right in line with senior consumers, we need to protect all consumers from credit card fraud, financial schemes, and price gouging. The reality is that when we protect our consumers, we give them confidence. That confidence will guarantee a level of economic activity that will be beneficial to everyone.

Hold State Vendors and Contractors Accountable

Hold State Vendors and Contractors Accountable

During an unemployment crisis, our citizens should not have to experience delays in getting financial relief because of broken promises from state vendors. We need to make sure that our state holds these contractors accountable, so we are ready for future emergencies.


Covid-19 has brought challenges to our state government that we have never faced before. We must not completely tank our own economy, but at the same time, we must guard against taking reckless health risks. In the last 15 years, Florida has faced short periods of short-term economic stagnation. We may be in the midst of a similar period right now. However, we need our state representative to be doing more than sitting back and simply lobbing criticism after criticism at the governor and legislature. We need a reasonable plan that will safeguard our communities while permitting people to take the steps necessary to preserve their small businesses and jobs. I will be able to work with the governor and legislative leadership to bring a full focus and attention on recovery. We cannot and should not tolerate inactive representation.