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The recent Emergency Order issued by Florida DOE has mandated brick and mortar schools to reopen next month. Seminole County Public Schools have voted and Florida Department of Education has approved their reopening plan, which sets , reopening for August 17, 2020. Orange County Public Schools have voted and submitted their plan with a waiver request to DOE, which sets reopening of schools for August 21, 2020. Parents must choose an option for their children to attend schools for the next school year. Keep in mind, the EO does not mandate parents to send their children to brick and mortar schools, only that these be open as an option.

You are planning to send your child to five-day in-person school at their normal school.You would like to do home learning from your child’s normal school. For Seminole County they would use Seminole Connector and Orange County they would use their Innovative Model OCPSLaunchED.You are planning to send your child to a five-day virtual school like Florida Virtual School or Orange County Virtual School.You are planning to home school your children.You would just like the school year pushed back a month to see where things stand this time next month.I have no children.

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